Men often state they want to dress better but can only find business appropriate clothing or the latest trends in their local men’s store. This often isn’t what the male is looking for. He simply wants to look good without drawing attention to himself only because his clothes are flashy. Doing so allows him to make a good first impression with others while wearing casual clothes. How can this goal be achieved?

Dress Your Age

Don’t buy clothing to look younger. The goal is to look mature and well put together, which is why many men choose bamboo cay shirts. Maturity distinguishes a man from the boy and commands respect. Men all too often dress younger than their age and look out of place when doing so. Don’t make this mistake. There’s no reason to dress like an 80-year-old man, but clothing appropriate for a teenager shouldn’t be worn either. Keep this in mind when shopping for new apparel.

Wear the Right Jeans

Guys often assume they can’t wear jeans and still look dressy. Jeans can be casual and dressy at the same time but only if the right pair is selected. Never wear baggy jeans. If a belt is needed to keep them up, they are too big. Embellishments also need to be avoided, such as rips, distressed jeans, or those that have been bleached. It’s best to stick with a pair that doesn’t have a big logo on it and is clean and dark blue. Jeans go with anything, thus they are perfect for the male trying for a casual look. Try on several pairs to see which looks best. For heavier men, straight jeans tend to be good, while those who are on the slim side often find slim fit jeans fit them perfectly.



Another option for men in need of a casual outfit is chinos. These pants can be paired with anything and look great. Hawaiian shirts worn with jeans offer one option and can be paired with chinos another day for a slightly dressier look. Go with chinos in a neutral color and add a second pair with some color to it. With these pants in your wardrobe, you’ll find you increase your outfit options significantly.


Whether you love men’s kahala shirts or prefer polos, there is a shirt out there for you. Don’t assume casual means grungy. Choose those clothes you love and ones that make you feel good. When you do so, you’ll find you look and feel better all of the time.